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5 Benefits of Having a Credit Card – How It Will Help You

Credit cards often have negative connotations alongside them, but they can give people significant advantages if used correctly. Using a credit card is usually associated with spending the money you currently do not have. However, unlike other alternatives, such as debit cards or cash, a credit card offers convenience, protection, and rewards. This article will focus on how credit cards are advantageous to your financial well-being, especially if you know how to utilize them properly.

5 Advantages of Having Credit Cards

#1. They help you build your credit score

Using credit regularly and responsibly is your key to building your credit score and credit history. The longer you use your credit card, the stronger your credit history will be. The faster you pay your dues, the better your credit score becomes. The more active you use your credit card, the more attractive you are as a client to lenders.

Your credit card usage is also reported to credit bureaus. This credit history is a requirement when you plan to loan money. Through your records, lenders can see that you pay back the money you borrow.

#2. They offer cash rewards

Most credit cards offer a cash reward program. It is an incentive program from credit card companies wherein they reward clients with a percentage of the amount they spend. It is one way they encourage credit card holders to keep using their cards while giving them benefits. For credit card holders, it means getting rewards off the things they purchase.

 #3. They have multiple rewards programs

Many types of credit card reward programs exist nowadays. They let you earn cash backs, points, or miles that can enhance the value of your credit card. This credit card feature simply lets you earn from your purchases.

To maximize these opportunities, find the reward program that suits your spending habits the best.

#4. They make stealing from you a more complicated process

Compared to cash and debit cards containing funds, stealing credit card information does not always guarantee successful purchases. Credit card charges do not always happen in real time, so if you report your case to the card company immediately, they can take the necessary actions even before the transaction goes through. Your credit card company can put your card on hold and make an investigation.

Also, federal law protection for credit card holders safeguard you from liability for any fraudulent purchases made during that time, keeping you from losing your money.

#5. You can use them as a spending tracker

Credit cards always come with online records. You get to see how much you spend for a month and what you purchase, including when and where. This information helps you understand at a glance how often you spend and where your money goes. It is also beneficial during tax time. Since you already have a record on-hand, you can save time preparing all your documents for your taxes.


Credit cards are financial tools that you should use with care, and they can bring you so many benefits when you do. These are only five of the many perks of using credit cards. Besides the convenient payment method, you earn rewards and build your credit score by using your cards. They also help make borrowing money more manageable. Are you looking for a credit union in Buffalo for better loan applications? At Good Neighbors Credit Union, we offer only the best tools and resources to help our clients better manage their finances. Contact us today so we can help you.

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