About Us

Good Neighbors Credit Union embraces its responsibility to serve a diverse membership – from underserved individuals looking to build a financial foundation to those with stronger means seeking a high-quality, accessible, stress-free banking alternative. We expertly deliver a range of products, services, tools, and resources that empowers our members to manage their finances, and inspires them to leverage their fullest potential. Being a Good Neighbors member means your money stays home, strengthening the community in which you live.

Volunteers and Staff

Say hello to our team of good neighbors, here to go the extra mile for you on the road to financial freedom.

Board of Directors

  • Michael Shaw, President
  • Shannon Skowron, Vice President
  • Dana Besch, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Peter Meyers
  • Bruce Smith
  • Kelly Jeffords
  • David Zalenski
  • Aaron Ruda
  • Kathleen Hoffman

Supervisory Committee

  • Fred Watson, Chair
  • Bruce Smith
  • Jim Miller


  • Emma Smalley, CEO
  • Katie Sugorovskiy, COO
  • Brian Stumm, CLO
  • Janet Albi
  • Brittany Jurewicz
  • Janine Maras
  • Leslie Truty
  • Jenna Lascala
  • Kathy Struzyk
  • Mary Sullivan
  • James Cutler
  • Victoria Webber
  • Cindy Barnhardt
  • Ashley Gregg

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