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3 Common Credit Union Myths Debunked – What You Need To Know

If you loathe banking because of its unnecessary hidden charges, long lines, and expensive interest rates with the various loaning options, then you may want to look into joining a credit union. However, you may have your reservations about it because of bad responses from your friends, family, and local banker. But the truth is you may have heard false information from them and must ensure that you know the facts.

This article will debunk three common myths about credit unions. Take this as an opportunity to use financial solutions that can help you secure your credit, investments, and financial stability. That way, you can get through life’s challenges easily because you have enough savings and can reinvest as you live your debt-free lifestyle.

Myth #1: Credit unions have more additional fees than banks

You may hear things from bank tellers claiming credit unions have higher costs for opening savings accounts, higher interest rates, and unreasonably slow services. But these are just fear-mongering tactics that banks and their clients use to get you to join them. In fact, credit unions offer lower rates and fees because they are member-regulated and tend to focus more on the betterment of their community.

The staff at credit unions are also proficient in accounting and financial management, enabling you to get the most out of your banking alternative. If you have additional questions about the different rates and fees, you can contact them to help you compare with local banking rates. This way, you can make well-informed financial decisions.

Myth #2: Credit unions are generally money-centric cults because you need connections to get in. The membership process is just a ploy.

Many interested young professionals have the financial credibility and interest to join credit unions but are often scared to push through with their application. It’s because while they have to follow a membership process, they need connections from the inside to get them in. However, the truth is everyone who applies for credit unions is on a level playing field.

You may just have to be within the nearby community to ensure you can enjoy the financial benefits and meet the obligations as a member. If you are interested in becoming a new member, sign up and consider the process.

Myth# 3: Credit unions are so traditional with their services because there aren’t any technological tools, like online banking and account transfers.

Banks and accounting firms are often known for their state-of-the-art financial software and technological services. It’s a way for them to manage their financial records and meet payments. Credit unions are also not far behind with technology, as they also have mobile applications for deposits, online banking, and other modern features.


Credit unions may be the banking alternative you are looking for, but you cannot make a well-informed decision if you don’t have your facts straight. Fortunately, you now know the truth behind the most common misconceptions. All you have to do is look for a credit union in your community and discuss further what you want out of your finances. Start your membership process today!

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