Good Neighbors Credit Union

Become A Good Leader

Volunteer on our Supervisory Committee!

Supervisory Committee Responsibilities
The committee is responsible for ensuring that members’ funds and interests are protected at all times. To accomplish this goal, they perform specific duties, including: 
  • Overseeing an annual independent audit of the credit union
  • Verifying members’ accounts 
  • Reviewing internal accounting systems and controls
  • Ensuring that all policies and procedural guidelines are followed
Supervisory Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors and terms are for three (3) years each. 

Supervisory Committee members must:

  • Be a Good Neighbors Credit Union member (Age 16+)
  • Participate regularly in committee activities
  • Not have been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust
Volunteering with the Supervisory Committee is a great opportunity to enhance your resume while serving the Credit Union and the community!
If you are interested in serving as a committee member, contact:
Aaron Ruda, Board President
Deadline to apply: January 26, 2023