Good Neighbors Credit Union

Summer Skip-A-Pay

Take a vacation from your loan payment!

Summer Skip-A-Pay allows you to skip a loan payment for June, July, or August on any qualifying loan.*

Summer Skip-A-Pay Form

  • I wish to skip a loan payment on one or more loans. I understand that there is a $20.00 processing fee for EACH loan payment that is skipped. I realize that interest will continue to accrue on my loan during the month that the payment is skipped and the loan term will be extended each time that I skip a payment. My credit rating will not be negatively affected.
  • Please separate each Loan Number or Loan Payment Amount with a comma (,).
  • ** Restrictions may apply. Mortgages and open-end loans are excluded from this offering. To qualify your loan must be an existing loan at least 6 months old and be current. All parties to the loan must agree to the extension.