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Should You Apply For a Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation

Should You Apply For a Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation

Paying off debts is a satisfying achievement that many of us strive towards. If you’re looking for ways to get it done, a popular option is through debt consolidation using a personal loan.

What debt consolidation essentially means is that if you are currently paying off multiple debts with different terms and interest rates, they can be put into a single monthly bill instead. Paying multiple loans across several lenders is inconvenient, and it may even lead to confusion and missed payments. Another issue that typically comes up involves several debts having particularly high interest rates.

Many people turn to personal loans to consolidate their debt. In this way, the repayment process will be more convenient and at a cheaper rate. This is primarily due to the likelihood of a lower interest rate for a consolidated loan instead of individual loans’ combined rates. Various debts can be consolidated in this way, but it’s key to ensure that this is the best possible route to take.

Debt Consolidation Options

Depending on the lender you take on, the fees, your loan’s interest rate and even repayment terms can vary. It’s in your best interest to shop around to get the lowest fees and best rate so that you can save resources as you borrow.

Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation

The funds from taking on a personal loan can be used for, well, anything! That includes repaying existing debt. There’s usually no collateral needed for the loan to be guaranteed since most personal loans are unsecured. The interest rate that comes with your personal loan is based on your financial details such as income, credit score, and other existing debts.

If you want to go through the personal loan route, you can reach out to online lenders, credit unions, or even your bank. Plenty of lenders have repayment periods that cover a span of three to five years. The repayment timeline will be laid out from the very beginning so that you can plan your finances well in advance.

Here are some advantages of applying for a personal loan for debt consolidation:

  • Lower Interest Rate

Compared to other financial products, personal loans have much lower rates. The ideal situation is to qualify for a low-interest personal loan, then apply for a reduced rate.

There are times when borrowed money has a variable interest rate, which usually means a link to the prime rate or some other financial index type. That means when the index rate rises, yours do as well. To avoid these variable rates, take on a fixed-rate consolidation loan. That way, you’ll be able to know how much you’ll need to pay every month upfront, and you can plan accordingly.

  • Repayment Timeline

Knowing what you have to pay for and when the payment needs to get done can help you considerably. This means you’ll know the exact amount you need to set aside each month and how long until you’re debt-free as long as your payments are timely.

Some people try to pay their loans off early, which can backfire because some lenders charge an early payment penalty. For this reason, it’s important to consider the terms of your personal loan very carefully before you sign on the dotted line.


There are several options available for people who want to consolidate their debt. One of the more popular choices is doing so through a personal loan. Advantages include lower interest rates and a repayment timeline. Consult with financial experts to get the best loan terms for you! Are you searching for a Buffalo credit union? Reach out to Good Neighbors Credit Union today! We serve a diverse membership and empower our members to manage their finances.

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