Good Neighbors Credit Union

Our Good Neighbor Gathering


You’re invited to the Good Neighbors Credit Union Annual Meeting! Celebrate with us as we elect new board members, highlight the past year, showcase our plans for 2021, and honor our Good Neighbor of the Year, Stefan Coker of What’s Pop-In Gourmet Popcorn. There will be gift card raffles and a tasty giveaway from our honoree! 

Thursday, April 15 at 5PM

If you would like to participate in the meeting and/or watch along, click the link below to join. If you have questions or have trouble joining the livestream, please give us a call at 716-681-1460.


The essential qualification for a Good Neighbor of the Year nominee is service. A Good Neighbor is one whose record of service to their community best exemplifies an unselfish and continuous use of one’s talents in helping others. Stefan grew up on Buffalo’s West Side, and after moving to the suburbs years ago, he came back to invest his time and money into the neighborhood that he loves so much.

“I want to be a voice in the community, especially for the families… to participate in community-minded events – anything that I can do to help revamp the neighborhood.” – Stefan

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Dana B.

My affiliation with the the Good Neighbors Credit Union began as a member of the Lancaster Federal Credit Union and the Depew Teachers Federal Credit Union.  I began serving as a Board member of the Depew Teachers Federal Credit Union in the late 1990s and continued on as part of the merger when we became the Lancaster-Depew Federal Credit Union. 

It has been an honor to represent our membership.  I am pleased to say that through all of our growth, we strive to keep that close relationship with our members and support a feeling of community all while offering innovative products and services to meet your financial needs as the Good Neighbors Federal Credit Union. 

I have served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Board for several terms and ask for your continued support as a member of your Board of Directors.  I promise to always look out for our membership and our banking needs as we guide the decisions to ensure a strong, personable financial institution. I am proud where our credit union began, how far it has come, and look forward to supporting the needs of our membership to continue to realize their worth.  Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.

Dana is a teacher at Cayuga Heights Elementary in Depew.  She serves as a Youth Director at her church and resides in Alden with her husband, Justin (Gus).  

Kathleen H.

I became a Good Neighbors Credit Union back when the Scott Aviation Credit Union merged GNCU. I am honored to be a present member of the Board of directors because it allows me the opportunity to not only be a voice for Avox members but also a voice for the entire credit union community.  Being a Good Neighbor to me means working together for the better and benefit of the whole membership and to grow as a community.  

Kathleen is an assembly production worker at Avox Systems, (formerly Scott Aviation.)

Derek B.

In this economy, access to credit is practically a necessity for those of us who need vehicles to get to work, mortgages to buy our houses, home improvement loans to repair our houses and small business loans to help finance our budding entrepreneurial dreams.   Credit Unions offer member-owned, democratically controlled, not-for-profit financial institutions dedicated to re-investing our collective savings back into our neighborhoods to meet the needs of our members with our members best long-term financial interests in mind.

Derek is a Sociology, Political Science and Economics instructor (and Department Chair) at the ECC City Campus. He is the co-founder of two Credit Unions and has been an active Co-op and Credit Union volunteer since 1978.  Derek is very motivated by the mission of Credit Unions.

Shannon S.

I believe in what the credit union does.  We provide financial help and services to all of our members regardless of their financial situation. Most larger commercial banks choose to limit services to customers in good financial positions. To be able to provide options to people who feel disenfranchised by big banks is important and vital to giving them a chance to improve their financial position.  It is an honor that I can be a part of an institution that can do this. 

To me, being a Good Neighbor means that you help others whenever you can, plain and simple!

Shannon is a teacher at Lancaster High School.